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How can enjoy free shipping policy?

Free shipping on orders over USD$69. Both shipping costs and shipping method should be subject to what is stated on Payment Page, and this may vary for different delivery destinations

How soon will I receive my package after my order placed?

There are two key factors that will decide when you will receive your package.

1. Item Processing Time: The processing time is the time it takes for the seller to prepare the item(s) for shipment. There are different processing times for different items depending on product category and volume. Usually it is around 5 to 10 working days to process.


2. Shipping Method: Delivery time varies with shipping method. Time in transit varies depending on where you're located and where your package is coming from. You can also check the follow form for more detail about the delivery time:

Countries/Regions Standard Shipping  (business day)
United States  8 - 12  days
Canada 10- 15  days
Australian 10- 15  days
Mexico 12-17  days
United Kingdom 9 - 12  days
Poland 12 -18  days
France 9 - 12  days
Germany 9 - 12  days
Italy 9 - 12  days
Spain 9- 15  days
Austria 10 - 15  days
New Zealand 10 - 15 days
Hong Kong SAR 3 - 5  days
Taiwan 10 - 15 days
Malaysia 6 - 8  days
Singapore 5 - 8  days
South Korea 7-15  days
United Arab Emirates 8 -15  days
Saudi Arabia 8 -15 days
Brazil 13-18 days
Netherlands 10 - 18  days
Portugal 10 - 15  days
Sweden 13-20  days
Belgium 13-20  days
Finland 13-20  days
Greece 13-20  days
Denmark 13-20  days
Luxembourg 13-20  days
Hungary 13-20  days
Czech Republic 13-20  days
Estonia 13-20  days
Latvia 10 -15  days
Slovakia 10 -15  days
Slovenia 10 -15  days
Republic of Lithuania 10 -15  days
Vietnam 10-18  days
Thailand 6 - 12  days
Indonesia 7 - 10  days
Philippines 6 - 12  days
Japan 5 - 10  days
Israel 30-35  days


Check Special notice

20-30 days
South Africa 25-30  days
Kuwait 18-23  days
Qatar 18-23  days
Switzerland 20-30  days
Norway 20-30  days
Ireland 20-30  days
Bulgaria 20-30  days
Croatia 20-30  days
Romania 20-30  days
Kazakhstan 20-30  days

Special notice

The Colombian delivery is the Colombian post office. According to the notice of the post office, the trajectory is not shown of the package after the package enters Colombia. Need to call the Columbia Post Office to check the relevant track, the phone number is (+57) (601) 472 2000

Please note:
Since it is international shipment, some Countries have tariff requirements ,parcels may be inspected after arriving at the local customs, and customs duties may be incurred. Therefore, buyers need to pay attention to the notice sent by the local customs. The customs duties are charged by the local customs, the seller has no right to charge any customs duties from the buyer.

If the parcels cannot be delivered successfully because the buyer has not paid the customs duties, the seller will not bear any responsibility, and we will not accept any refund request.